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My 2023 Wrap (Part 1)

Posted on:December 4, 2023 at 10:25 AM

This year is truly a special one.

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Big Tech Company Offers VS Building a Startup

Join a big tech company or build a startup, which one will you choose?

Try to Get a Job

As a senior student graduating in this year, I start looking for a job first from last Autumn. Like everyone else in my university, I tried to find a job in big tech companies like ByteDance, Alibaba and so on.

It’s a hard "", head counts are much less than before in tech companies while more and more students learning computer science wishing to join them. I’ve participated in at least 50 interviews during the "", and finally I get offers from Alibaba, Meituan and some other companies.

That seems a nice ending, joining a big tech company after graduation from a famous university, my friends and my relatives are all happy for me. But having three intership experiences in big company, I know that’s no the perfect answer for me.

So, when there is an oppotunity comes out, I grabbed it without any doubt.

Big Compony vs Startip

Start Building

My friend Yuanlin Lin invited me to join him building a platform called Zeabur. We’ve collabrated in some projects before, all of them are orders from other people or companies. Now we decided to build our own. It’s a platform for developers to deploy services painlessly and scale them infinitely, you can take it a try here.

I joined him last November, and we started our Pair Programming in a cafe in our university everyday. I’m in charge of the frontend part, and we built the demo within a week and started finding the first users, and we got 200 users before December.

Get Funded

We’ve never thought about any chance to get a funding in this early period until a user came to us, “Why don’t you guys try MiraclePlus?“.

MiraclePlus, also known as former YC China,

Well, there was still 4 days before the application dead line, we finished the application form and submited it in two days after the talk with our user. After an interview and two more rounds of background invesgating, we were chosen to be in the MiraclePlus S23, which meant we’ve got a US$ 300k funding. We were both very excited and thankful about this. So our new journey began here, I’ll write another blog about the three months in MiraclePlus in the near future, let’s get into the next chapter.

Graduate from Zhejiang University


I graduated from Zhejiang University at July with a bachlor degree of Information Engineering(sadly I barely knew anything about my major now).

I do enjoyed my 4 years of university life. Coming from a small town, I’m really thankful for such a great platform that my university provides for.

Next Part Coming Soon…